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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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What is CheapThyCable?

This is a place to gain information to allow you to negotiate a better rate from your cable/dish company. You will be able to see what people in your area are paying.

Crowdsourcing community to lower cable bill

How does CheapThyCable save you money on internet and cable?

Sign up in just seconds. Take a quick survey about your internet, cable tv and/or phone bill. No personal information whatsoever is collected, just an email address, and we do not sell this information. Then you will have access to search what others in your zip code, city and state are paying for similar services. You are then armed with information for negotiating a lower cable bill.

Information to help you get a better cable deal

Why enter my information to lower my cable rate?

We have built this site because we dislike spending money we don't have to. We also value transparency and dislike the way cable companies treat their customers. They are constantly raising rates and making you call them to lower it. We want to make this process easier for you.

How much does it cost?

This service is free.

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