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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Dec 17, 2016 By: Rick

I have wanted to save money by cutting the cord for several years but my non tech savvy wife was worried that it would be too complicated for her to watch when I was not home. And as we all know, it is important to keep your wife happy when you make a decision like cutting the cord. I have always tried to make things easy for her; I bought a programmable remote so she only has to learn and use one remote and have kept Spectrum despite price increases because she was familiar with and liked their service. But I finally hit my breaking point when they increased my bill from $135 to $180. I planned to negotiate the price like I described in How to Lower Your Cable and Internet Bill and using data I gathered from but I was so put off by the arrogance of the Spectrum rep that I told them I was getting rid of them and if I am anything, it's a man of my word. I looked at Century Link but they wanted to charge me $150 and sign a two year contract so I decided to wade into the crod cutting waters.

The easy way to watch TV with no cable i.e. How I cut the cable and kept my non-tech savvy wife happy

My wife had a few requirements of any TV service; 1) Be able to watch HGTV and Food network 2) Be able to watch live TV 3) Be able to see local stations and 4) For all of this to be easy to use.

I researched the options. There is Kodi, Netflix and Amazon for streaming shows. These hit requirement 1 but not the 2-4. I looked into an antenna. This met requirements 2 and 3 but not 1 and 4. I then looked into a streaming service, of which there are three SlingTV, Playstation Vue and DirectTV Now. These hit all four requirements. I decided on Playstation Vue (why I chose OS Vue will be another blog post). PS Vue allows my wife and family to watch simply watch live TV.

Next I had to decide which technology I would use. I had four requirements for the technology 1) It had to be simple to use 2) It had to run PS Vue 3) I wanted it to run Kodi and 4) It needed to be cost friendly. Roku was a great option but it does not run Kodi. Apple TV did not work as I use Android phones and it was expensive. There are a host of android devices that claim to run Kodi and PS Vue but only the FireTV and Firesticks are from a reputable company. So I purchased several of these devices and loaded up the PS Vue and Kodi apps. FireTVs are $90 ($65 refurb ) and Firesticks are $40 so in three months I will have recouped the cost of the hardware. PS Vue allows you to watch Live TV, set up separate profiles for members of your household, set up favorite shows, DVR shows and watch on demand, all for $30 a month. Here is a video I took of how simple it is to watch PS Vue using the FireTV. In this video you can see how simple it is to watch live TV, HGTV, Food network, DVRed shows and on Demand show. Once I showed my wife PS Vue on FireTV she was very happy. She has even expanded to watch Youtube shows on the FireTV. I successfully made cutting the cord easy and kept my non tech savvy wife happy.

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