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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Apr 18, 2017 By: Rick

I cut the cord about four months ago (which you can read about in this blog). How has this impacted how I and my family watch TV? What have been the pros and cons to cutting the cord? I am going to talk about what has happened in the four months since I cut the cord.

Cutting the cord four months later

I have previously discussed how I cut the cord but a short version is I kept Spectrum internet, bought three FireTV devices and bought a subscription to PS Vue and an antenna. One of the big reasons I cut the cord was to save money. I was paying $140 a month but Spectrum increased my bill to $180 but now I pay $95 for internet and PS Vue. So I am saving about $80 a month. I have more than paid for the FireTV devices with the savings form my first four months. One of the biggest concerns I had was whether my wife would have trouble with the new devices. Since the first couple of weeks things are going smoothly I will get an occasional phone call when one of the settings gets out of whack but that is rare. The FireTVs are very intuitive. My kids use their tablets as well as the TVs to watch PS Vue so they love the convenience. We have fewer channels but do not seem to notice. There is no limit on the DVR and we each have our own profile so we all have a lot of shows we save and watch on demand.

Here are the things I have noticed after four months of no cable TV. My wife is the only one of us who regularly watches live TV. She likes to turn on HGTV or the food network and veg out. She will sometimes use Youtube to watch Barefoot Contessa but she mainly spends time on PS Vue. My children are mostly watching their tablets or have the TV on when they are doing something else but they usually are watching shows they have DVRed. I watch sports on the antenna and watch on DVRed shows on PS Vue. I am watching less TV and only watching things I really enjoy as opposed to just watching whatever is on. Our TV watching experience has not been impacted negatively by cutting the cord. In fact, in many ways it is much improved.

When looking back at the decision to cut the cord, it was a great decision. Our TV watching has improved and I am saving a lot of money. I would encourage anyone to join the cord cutting community.

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