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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Jan 20, 2017 By: Rick

I have talked a lot about cutting the cord so I thought I would discuss what my TV setup looks like after I cut the cord. Before I cut the cord I had your typical setup. I had a TV, sound bar, cable box, DVD player and Xbox One all on a shelf. I also needed an HGMI switch so I could run the sound through the sound bar. It was a lot of cables and boxes. I used a Logitech programmable remote to switch back and forth between cable TV, DVD player and the Xbox.

My cord cutter set up

After cutting the cord I have a FireTV, Xbox and an antenna. Several family pictures take the place of all of the electronics previous on the shelf. I still use the programmable remote to switch between the FireTV, the Xbox and over the air TV. I plan to move the antenna to the attic so that will leave only the Xbox as the only large electronic device left.

I use the FireTV as the main device for watching TV. It accesses Playstation Vue, Watch ESPN, FoxSports , Kodi, Amazon and Youtube apps for watching TV, sports and movies. I occasionally switch to over the air if there is a football or basketball game I want to see.

I have two other TVs in the house. They each have a Fire device for TV watching. Cable required a device almost the same size as the FireTV so there is almost no difference in those setups. In fact I was able to velcro the FireTv device to the back of my TV so the only wires coming out of the back of the TV is the power cord.

To summarize, once I cut the cord, my TV setup had a smaller footprint and was much easier to manage. This is just another reason to consider cutting the cord.

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