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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Jan 07, 2017 By: Rick

After I cut the cord I still needed telephone access at my house as I had a Spectrum bundle that included telephone. There are many options both traditional as well as voice over IP (VOIP). Here are some of the options and why I chose the one I chose.

Telephone alternatives when you cut the cord

  • Traditional phone - There are still traditional phone lines. They tend to be pricey and this would add another bill you have to pay monthly so I decided against these.

  • Cell phone - I could add another cell phone but that would add a minimum of $20 a month to my cell phone bill so it was more than I wanted to pay.

  • MagicJack - Low cost VOIP option which includes free long distance but it has to be hooked into your computer which means your computer has to always be on. This uses power as well as wears out your computer. It costs about $40 up front and $20 annually.

  • NetTalkDuo - Similar to MagicJack but you can plug it directly into your router. It is about $70 up front and $30 annually.

  • Cable company telephone - You can pay for VOIP service from your cable company. It is convenient in that you only have one bill to pay but it is expensive (Spectrum is $20 a month).

  • Vonage - They have a $25 unlimited calling package and it works just like a traditional phone line but is VOIP.

  • Ooma - You buy the hardware upfront and the calling is "free" forever (there is a monthly tax of about $4). Ooma hooks directly to your router and is very basic but they do offer a premiere service.

I decided to use the Ooma phone service. I was able to buy a refurb Ooma unit for $65. It is easy to hook up. You hook it into your router, plus in the electricity and then attach your phone. I had a few early problems with Ooma kicking other devices off of the network but one call to their tech support fixed that problem.

Here is another article with a little more information about the alternatives.

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