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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Jun 28, 2017 By: Rick

In 2014 Spectrum (Charter) bought TWC. It took about two years for the merger to take place but now you are starting to see the results. Last September my TWC (now Spectrum) bill did its annual increase. In the past I would call them up and attempt to negotiate my bill back down to its previous cost. I would have to talk to retention (or level 2 as they call it now) but by applying various arcane "specials" they would get the cost close to what it was. Well this last time Spectrum was not willing to negotiate the 35% increase. Not only were they not willing to help they were arrogant about not helping. They are no longer as flexible when working with their customers. And I have heard this from several other people so I am not the only one running into this issue.

What are the results of TWC being bought by Spectrum

It appears they are trying to change their business model. The model used to be, if a customer did not want to pay the higher rate and was willing to take the time and effort to lower their bill TWC would be accommodating. Now they appear to be forcing everyone to pay the same higher rate. I wonder if it is because they are losing customers to cord cutting so they are trying to make up for the lost revenue by charging current customers more. That model will just drive more people away.

This is why I and many others like me to cut the cord as another half million people cut the cord last quarter. I am now so satisfied with Playstation Vue and with the plethora of new streaming services on the horizon, that I see no reason to ever return to traditional TV. Great job Spectrum.

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