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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Mar 23, 2017 By: Rick

Five years ago cable owned TV. If you wanted to watch TV you had no choice but to use them or an over the air antenna. Now the landscape is completely different. Cable/satellite still dominates but there is a very pronounced shift away from traditional TV. There are now so many competitors to cable/satellite TV it makes you wonder where television is heading? What does the future hold for TV?

What is the future of television?

Five years ago I thought you would see channels breaking off and trying to sell themselves separately but that model does not seem to work financially. You have seen a few channels such as HBO Now succeed but that model does not seem to work either. People do not want to go to different apps and websites to view TV nor do they want to manage multiple bills. The trend we are seeing in the market is "skinny" TV, which are smaller more affordable live TV offerings that are packaged by third parties (i.e. Sling and Playstation) and sold via streaming. These packages will typically have the network channels as well as channels for different audiences such as Cartoon channel for kids, HGTV for the wife and ESPN for the man of the house. This has proven to be much more affordable and easier to use than the 100+ channels, (80 of which you never watched) cable always gave you and is an evolutionary jump from the original streaming services like Netflix (which offers only on demand TV).

I believe you are going to see more players join the live "skinny" TV services. The latest companies to jump into this space are DirectTV and YouTube. These services are going to have 30-40 channels, a DVR and a guide so that using them is like watching regular TV. Here is an article comparing the current offerings. I also think you will see over the air antenna being incorporated into streaming players to make them easier to use.

I believe satellite and cable companies are going to continue with their obsolete and infuriating business model which will drive more customers to leave them. They will eventually tire of so many customers leaving and instead of fixing their business model they will start trying to cap data on their internet offerings (like cell phone companies are doing today). This will force customers to look at other options such as Google Fiber and the new satellite internet they are predicting in about ten years. I think companies like Spectrum will be diminished players within the next ten years as they are marginalized by the new internet/streaming options, their aging infrastructure and inability to change their business model. There is going to be a lot of change coming for television and a lot of opportunity for those willing to try new things.

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