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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Jan 01, 2017 By: Rick

I negotiate for a living, I am always looking for the best price for something. When negotiating, both sides have a price range they are willing to agree to. Both sides work to get the best price inside that price range. There are many ways you can work to lower your price inside that range but the best way is with information.

Why do you need cheapthycable when negotiating your cable bill?

That is why cheapthycable is very helpful when negotiating your cable bill. For example, you have been paying $150 a month for your cable bill which is more than you want to pay but is within your acceptable range. However the cable company decided to increase your cost to $180 which is outside of the range you are willing to pay. What should you do? There are plenty of good articles about how to negotiate a lower bill. Here is a good example but what they are missing is specific information about your pricing. This article mentions you need to "know what the best deals are" and it also mentions researching the cable companies websites but often cable companies do not advertise their lowest price, especially not for current subscribers. That is where cheapthycable can help you when you are negotiating.

Cheapthycable will tell you what other people in your area are paying both for what you services you currently use as well as other configurations and companies. This is the information you can use when you call the cable company to negotiate a lower bill. You can tell the cable company you know someone who is paying $130 and you want them to match that price or you will go to their competitor where you can pay $125. Negotiating is all about information. Right now the cable companies have all of the information. They have millions of subscribers so they know what most people are willing to pay and they offer you the highest price they believe you will pay. Cheapthycable uses crowdsourcing to increase the knowledge base of the customer so the customer knows what the cable company is willing to offer others. Once you have the information all you have to do is convince the cable company to offer you the pricing someone else is paying. By using the information from cheapthycable you can level the playing field. This is much more effective than calling up and asking for a lower price. So use cheapthycable to arm yourself with information before you call the cable company to negotiate a lower cable bill.

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This is a place to gain information to allow you to negotiate a better rate from your cable/dish company. You will be able to see what people in your area are paying.