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A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

A community to help negotiate lower cable bills

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Jun 29, 2017 By: Rick

I cut the cord about ten months ago but I should have done it much earlier. Looking back, I was trying to figure out what kept me from telling TWC to take a hike? I did, and still do, hate TWC/Spectrum. What they lack in customer service they more than make up with arrogance. They do not care what their customer think.

Why I hesitated to cut the cord?

So why did I continue over paying them for a TV service in which I was only using a small portion of the available channels? That is a tough question to answer but I think the main thing was a fear of the unknown. My entire life, I have always turned on the TV and the shows just magically appear. I was always able to call the cable company, they brought out the equipment, installed it and I was watching hassle free TV. When I was debating on cutting the cord I was worried that it would be hard to set up and even harder to use. My family wanted an easy solution, not one in which they would have to hit multiple buttons and/or go to multiple places to watch TV. I was also concerned about buying a device required to watch streaming services. Once I came to the realization that I already had a similar device (the cable box) and that I would recoup the initial investment in a couple of months did I get past that concern. The free trial to Playstation Vue and my increasing wrath with TWC finally convinced me to try cutting the cord. I started out by buying just one device and trying it for the free week. My wife and I found it insanely easy to use and the kids loved the app on their tablet. Now I spend my time trying to convince my friends how easy and cost effective it is to cut that cord. So squash that fear and join the millions cutting the cord.

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